Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
How do I register and activate my Login ID?

Register for a new login ID on Form 990 Online

To use our system you may register on our Home page by clicking the bright red �Register� button. Each screen will guide you through the process of registering. You will be asked to enter your 9-digit EIN (format ##-#######). Please make sure you enter the correct EIN. Your new Login ID will be your EIN plus two digits at the end. If you are the first person to register you will be assigned 01 at the end of your EIN. You can then add any new users. The first person you add (2nd person on the account) will be issued 02, the following person 03, then 04, and so on.

You may begin the process to register at this link, or follow the instructions below:

How To register and activate a new Login ID to use Form 990 Online:

  1. Register on our Home page at by clicking the red Register button. Unless you are a paid preparer, please use the dropdown box to select and register for a non-profit ID.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the required information on the form.
  3. Search for an email sent from [email protected] with an active blue link, please click on the Link.
  4. On the new browser page that opens, enter the personal password you just created minutes ago during the registration process. Click the Next button, and if prompted, you may confirm your computer to remember this new password.
  5. On the next page, agree to the terms. You should then receive a success notification: "Your Login ID has been Activated". If you answer �no" to the terms, the entire process of registering will be canceled and you must start over.
  • Note:If you have forgotten the password you used when registering, first check that you entered the case-sensitive password correctly without extra spaces before or after the password. If you cannot login, please write to Tech Support, we will need to delete your account so you can start over.

  • Error Messages you might receive when registering:

    • If you receive an error message that your EIN is already registered and that person is no longer with your organization, please find additional help on our FAQ page: 'The person who previously handled our filings is gone. How do I gain access?', at this link:

    • If you receive the error message "Not Authorized" to access the account, please contact Tech Support for further assistance.

Activate Your Login ID:

Your Login ID must be active to use our system

When a login ID is created for a new User, whether you registered for it yourself or someone else created the new Login ID, an email is sent with a link to activate the Login ID. Please find that email to click the link inside and create a private password.

Important Tips:
  • If the new User cannot find the email with the link to activate their new Login ID, first check any spam/junk folders, then contact Technical Support and ask us to resend the Login ID activation link. If the email is still not found, the new User must change their email address on file by sending Tech Support, or the Primary User on the account, a different email address. After the email address is updated, the activation link can be resent by Technical Support.

  • The Primary User on the account will be able to see if a new user�s Login ID is still pending activation by going to the Manage Users Account page. If a signer is having difficulty logging in to authenticate and their Login ID is still pending activation, they cannot reset a password until they first activate their Login ID. The signer must find the email with the link or contact Tech Support for help.

  • It is important to consistently use your own active ID and password. If you use someone else's ID, not only will incorrect information be printed on the filing but you will not be able to see the links and fully utilize our system.

  • If you have issues, read our FAQ page, 'The system says my Login ID has not been activated yet. How do I activate it?', at this link:

Steps to Activate your Pending Login ID:

  1. When your Login ID was created an email was sent to you titled �Login Activation Notice." Find that email and click on the link inside.
  2. You will automatically be transferred to a page inside our system at Form 990 Online titled 'The following Login is ready to be activated:�, click the "Next" button.
  3. Agree to the terms (or the Login ID will be canceled) by clicking "I agree".
  4. On the next page you will see the notice, "The system sent a one-time password to the email address listed below." Please go to your email and look for an email from [email protected].
  5. Inside this second email will be a one-time password code. Keep this email open. Find your original email and open it as well to find your Login ID.
  6. Return to our Home page and copy and paste in your Login ID and then under that, your one-time password code you received in the second email. Click the "Login" button below.
  7. On the next page, once again paste in the same one-time password code you received into the "Old Password / One-time code" box, and create your personal password in the two boxes below. Click the "Save" button.
  8. Save your ID and personal password. All passwords are case sensitive. In the future, you must reset your password if needed, we cannot do it for you.
  9. You should receive a success notification: "Your Login ID has been Activated." Finally, click the Return Home button at the bottom of the page.
  • After your Login ID is activated, if creating a new return, go to the Home page to select 'Create new return' from the Quick Menu in right side column. Or to authenticate a filing, go to the Control Panel page and select the �Authenticate Filing� icon to the right of the return you would like to authenticate.

  • Error Messages you might receive when Activating your Login ID:

    • If you receive the error message "error invalid activation code," the link in the email you are using will no longer work. Your Login ID may already be active. Disregard the link and try to log in using your new ID and the same password you had created. If you have forgotten your password please try to reset it following the instructions on our FAQ page at this link:

    • If you have gone through the steps to register and activate your new login ID but continue to receive an error message, contact Tech Support at [email protected]

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