Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Personal Information: The personal information you provide to us when you request a Login ID will not be given, sold, or otherwise provided to any individual or organization that is not involved with the 990 Online or Online State Registration System process. This information (including your email address) WILL be made available to the IRS and State Charity Offices in the States in which you elect to file your Form 990 and/or State Registration Forms.

System Emails: We may occasionally send you an email to let you know the status of your Login ID request or your Form 990/State Registration submission. We also send you emails as part of the authentication process for your filings. These emails are an integral part of the 990 Online/State Registration systems. You may not opt out of these emails. If you donot provide a valid email address, you will not be able to electronically file your return.

Non-Confidential Form 990 Information: Most of the information you provide in your Form 990 is considered public information. This non-confidential information will be made available on our web site (in the form of PDF images of your Form 990 return and State Registration forms) to the IRS and State Charity officals. Some or all of the underlying data (depending on the states you select) will be transmitted to the IRS and states in which you elect to file your return. This non-confidential information may occasionally be made available to individuals or organizations that are not associated with the 990 Online process (i.e. Guidestar).

Confidential Form 990 Information: Certain information you provide in your Form 990 – most notably, Schedule B (Schedule of Contributors) – is considered confidential, non-public information. This information will not intentionally be given, sold, or otherwise provided to any individual or organization other than the IRS and those State Charity Offices in any States in which you are required to file your Form 990 with confidential information.

We use industry recognized security safeguards to help protect from loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration the confidential information that you provide to us. Whenever we request that you transmit confidential information, such as Schedule B (Schedule of Contributors) or credit card information, to us through our website, we support encryption of your data as it is transmitted to us. We work to protect confidential information stored on the website's servers from unauthorized access using industry standard computer security products, such as firewalls, and carefully developed security procedures and practices.

However, the Internet is an open system, and we cannot and do not guarantee that the confidential information you transmit will not be intercepted by others and decrypted.

Cookies: This system uses cookies to keep track of your session while you are using the 990 Online/Online State Registration systems. As soon as you leave the web site the cookies are deleted from your system. You must have cookies enabled to use this website (or if you have your system set to prompt you when you receive a cookie, you must accept the cookies from this website).

Google Ads (10/20/2009): We recently initiated a marketing campaign using Google ads. This campaign allows us to track how many people come to our site as the result of searching for specific key words in Google. It also allows us to determine how many of those people then proceed to perform certain tasks on our system. If you found our site by entering one of the keywords we have chosen into Google, then Google placed a cookie onto your system. Google ads then uses that cookie to count whether you subsequently requested a Login ID and completed (and paid for) a return on our system.

NOTE: We cannot specifically identify you or retrieve any personal information about you as a result of the Google ads tracking conversion cookie.

Click here for more information on Google ads, and how we use them. Click here to view Google's privacy policy for Google ads and their conversion tracking cookie.

Last Revised: October 20, 2009 (added Google ads information)