Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
What is the process to file using the Form 990 Online System?

Thank you for choosing to use the Form 990 Online system to file your IRS or state filings. Here is a concise list of the steps required when using our system.

How to File

  1. Register
  2. Enter a return: complete data entry, add users, select a signer
  3. Verify for errors and mark as complete
  4. Pay Usage Fee if applicable
  5. Review final PDF files
  6. Authenticate filing online by logging in and clicking the link on Check Filing Status page
  7. Submit 8453 Signature Form by fax or email if filing an IRS Form 990/990-EZ
  8. Receive transmittal acceptance or rejection letter after we have transmitted
  9. Check your filing status
  10. Download final PDF files
  11. Payment of state fees if applicable
  12. Return next year and transfer your data forward

Register for a new User Login ID on our Home page and then activate that ID via an activation email sent.

 - Log in to our system with your personal Login ID

Enter a return or filing in our system. Full list of Forms and tax years supported.  Instructions to Create New Return/Filing.  

 - Complete your data entry on our system

 - Add more Users who can sign (the Primary User can do this or we can help you add a new signer).

 - Verify your form for errors

 - Mark the filing as Complete

Pay the Form 990 Online Usage Fee (if applicable). Explanation of our Usage Fees.

Review your final pdf files, located on your account, for accuracy. Instructions to Print final files.

Authenticate the filing (certify through email): 1 person for IRS filings, 1 for Hawaii, 1 for Michigan, and 2 for New York State filings. Instructions to Authenticate a Filing.

Send us your 8453 Signature Form if e-filing an IRS filings (only) by fax or email. Signature Form - How to send 

 - We will send you a notice by email when your signature form is reviewed and attached to your return.

We transmit your filing to the IRS or state office.

 - We send you a notification by email of transmittal to IRS or state

 - We send you a receipt of acceptance at IRS or State, or a notice of rejection with a recommended corrective action.

Check your Check Filing Status page to make sure all steps are done and your filing is accepted by the IRS or state.

Download or print your final PDF files for your records or if US mailing your IRS return. See instructions to print the files on your account at this link: Print Final PDF files 

Payment of State filing fees (if applicable) to be made directly to the state office. Instructions will be provided.

We maintain a history of your filings and your users securely on our system.

If filing with us the following year, you have the option to transfer your data from the prior year forward to the current year.

We offer instructions at every step along the process of filing. If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at [email protected] for more information. More Common Tech Support Topics and instructions can be found here.

Please see our technical support page if you have questions or problems using this website.
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