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Due to the system problems the IRS had yesterday, they have changed the Filing deadline for organizations with a 11/30/2017 Year-end to today (4/18/2018). You can click here for more information.

Organizations with a December 31, 2017 year-end, your Form 990/990-EZ returns are due on May 15, 2018.

January 29, 2018: The TY 2017 forms are now live on the system. You may now enter your 2017 Form 990, Form 990-EZ, Form 8868 and State forms (HI, MI, and NY) filings.

  • If e-filing Form 990/990-EZ, send your signed 8453-EO Signature Form by email to signatureforms@form990.org or by fax to 866-699-3916.
  • If emailing our Technical Support staff with questions at support@form990.org, please include your EIN.
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  • Technical Support hours are: M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (eastern time)

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