Electronic filing in Michigan
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Electronic filing in Michigan
For charitable organizations that solicit contributions in Michigan
  • This site can be used for multiple purposes:
    • Charities that solicit contributions may file their initial forms with the Michigan Department of Attorney General, Charitable Trust Section. There is no fee to register to solicit contributions in Michigan.
    • Charities that solicit contributions may renew their Michigan solicitation registration.
    • Michigan charities and charities holding assets in Michigan may register under Michigan's charitable trust law.
    • Charities already registered as charitable trusts, but which are not required to register to solicit donations, may create their Form 990 or 990-EZ and efile it with the Charitable Trust Section as their required annual report.
  • Should I e-file or submit paper forms to Michigan?
    • Michigan has updated its paper forms on its website. The new forms are not yet available here for e-filing. However, Michigan will continue to accept the forms e-filed through this website. Some organizations, including those listed below, may prefer to file the new paper forms:
      • Organizations that file Form 990-N. Instead of requiring a completed IRS Form 990-EZ through e-filing, you can simply complete a short schedule on the new application form.
      • Organizations that might be exempt from filing in Michigan. Instead of filing the Initial Charitable Trust / Charitable Solicitation Questionnaire through e-filing, you may instead file the Request for Exemption form.
  • What do I need to do to start e-filing?
    • Request a Login ID and password for an officer of the organization.
    • If this is your first filing with Michigan, you will need PDF copies of the organizing documents for your organization and/or correspondence from the IRS regarding your tax exempt status. The system will tell you if you need these documents as you enter the registration information.
  • What are the steps for entering and filing Michigan forms?
    1. Request a Login ID for an officer of your organization.
    2. Create your Form 990/990-EZ and/or MI State Registration filing using the Filing Creation Wizard.
    3. Once the filing has been created using the Wizard, enter information into the Form 990 (if applicable) and the Michigan Questionnaire and Registration pages using the online State Registration System.
    4. When you have finished entering the information into the system, verify the forms and then, when it verifies with no errors, mark the filing as complete.
    5. Authenticate (electronically sign) the filing containing the Form 990 and/or Questionnaire and/or Registration Forms.
  • Ready to get started?
    • Click here to request a Login ID and password.
    • If you already have a Login ID and password, click here to begin your Michigan filing using the Filing Creation Wizard.
    • If you have already started your Michigan filing, and you want to go back in and edit it, click here to go to the control panel.
  • Need Help?
    • For questions about registering in Michigan, contact the Michigan Attorney General's office as follows:

      Charitable Trust Section
      Department of the Attorney General
      PO Box 30214
      Lansing, Michigan 48909
      (517) 373-1152

    • For technical problems using this website, click here to go to the 990 Online Support page

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