Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
I don't remember my Login ID and/or Password

Nonprofit Login ID: Your login ID will always be the EIN of your organization (without the dash) plus a two digit number (01 for the first Login ID, 02 for the second and so on).

For example: If your EIN is 12-3456789, then the first Login ID for your organization is 12345678901, the second is 12345678902, etc.

Paid Preparer Login ID: Your Login ID is whatever you requested it to be. If you do not remember it, please contact technical support and provide your name, email address and the name of your organization.

Password: If you know your login ID, but you do not remember you password, you can request that the system reset your password via email. To do this, please perform the following steps:

1) Open your browser to our website at
2) Click on the Login Button on the upper right hand side of the home page
3) Enter your login ID into the Login ID text box
4) Click the "Reset Password" button. The system will send an email with a temporary password to the email address we have on file for you.
5) Go back to the Login page and enter your Login ID and the password from the email
6) The system will require you to change your password. Enter the password from the email into the "Old Password" text box
7) Make up a new password and enter it into the "New Password" box and the "Verify New Password" boxes.

Please remember that your password is case sensitive. That means that you must enter upper and lower case letters exactly as seen in the email. Also, please check to make sure that the "Caps Lock" key on your keyboard is not activated

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