Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
What is the status of the 990 Online system regarding Covid-19

The 990 Online system is currently fully operational during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are providing Tech support, attaching signature forms and transmitting filings to the IRS and participating State offices (HI, MI and NY). We are maintaining regular business hours, M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time). We anticipate providing extended business hours during upcoming major Form 990 filing deadlines.

Status of our e-filing partners:

  • IRS: The IRS e-filing systems are up and operational. The IRS has told us they plan to keep their e-filing systems up during the Covid 19 outbreak.

  • State of Hawaii: The Hawaii Charitable system is up and running. Hawaii is currently retrieving and processing HI State filings on a modified schedule.

  • State of Michigan: The Michigan systems are up and running. Michigan is currently retrieving and processing MI State filings on their normal schedule (two to three times per week).

  • State of New York: The NY systems are up and running. New York�s retrieval and processing system is fully automated. NY CHAR500 Filings are generally processed within one business day of being transmitted

Filing Deadlines:

The IRS and our State partners have modified their filing deadlines as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. The following lists the modified filing deadlines for these entities:
  • IRS: The IRS has automatically extended the deadlines for Form 990 and Form 990-EZ filings that were due on 4/15/2020, 5/15/2020 or 6/15/2020. Those returns are now due on July 15th 2020. Additionally, if you previously filed an extension and the extended due date for you return was 4/15/2020, 5/15/2020 or 6/15/2020, that extended due date has also automatically been moved to July 15, 2020. Please click here here for more information from the IRS website.

  • State of Hawaii: Hawaii Annual filings are due within 10 days of filing your Form 990 / Form 990-EZ. Hawaii is honoring the automatic extensions from the IRS listed above.

  • State of Michigan: Michigan is in the process of updating their systems to allow an additional 90 days for their annual filings. Their software is not in place to do that yet, however, so they are handling it manually on a case by case basis. If you need additional time to file your forms with MI, please contact MIchigan directly at [email protected] and let them know you need more time.

  • State of New York: NY Is granting an additional automatic six month extension to all CHAR500 filings that would have been due on February 15th, 2020 or later (including filings that had already been extended to those dates). You can find more information at the NY Charities website

We will post additional updates here as necessary. Please check back for updates.

Last updated 5/5/2020

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