Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
I am a Paid Preparer. How do I add Login IDs for users for my client organization(s)?

If you are a Paid Preparer, you will not be able to add new signers to a nonprofit organization´┐Żs account while logged in with your paid preparer Login ID. How you add users depends on whether the organization has already registered for an account on our system. The following describes your options:

  1. No Logins exist for the organization:

    If no names appear in the signature section of the form you are working on, that probably indicates that the no one from organization has set up any login ID for any of the officers of the organization. If that is the case you have two options:

    • Ask one of the intended signers with the organization to register on our home page. Once they register and their Login ID is active, they will be assigned as the Primary User and will be able to add additional user by following the instructions here.

    • Some Paid Preparers prefer to register themselves as the first non-profit user for the organization - becoming the Primary User for the organization. That enables the preparer to add any additional users for the organization and manage the Login IDs for their client.

  2. At least one Login ID exists for the organization:

    Because there is currently one or more active Login IDs for the organization, a primary user has already been established and you will not be able to add a new Login ID. If this is the case, you should first ask the Primary User (listed when you try to register a new Login ID for the organization) to add the additional user. If they are no longer associated with the organization, contact Technical Support and ask that a new user be added for the organization. Please provide the new user's full name, title, email address and phone number.

    Once the new user/signer has a Login ID, their name will be available to select from the dropdown box on the signature/certification page inside the filing. Although you will be able to see and select their name as a signer, you should make sure they have activated their Login ID before asking them to authenticate (electronically sign) the filing. They will not be able to log in to sign until their Login ID has been activated


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