Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
How to create and file Form 8868 (Request for extension of time to file IRS 990/990-EZ)

Here are the steps to enter and e-file an automatic Six-month IRS Form 8868 (request for Extension of time) for filing your IRS Form 990/990-EZ:

  1. Please go to our homepage and Log In (
  2. After you have logged into the system, you will be taken to the Control Panel page. Please select the "Create a New Filing" button towards the top of the page.
  3. On the Create Filing Wizard - Step 1 of 4 page, please enter the requested information and then select the "Next" button
  4. On the Create Filing Wizard - Step 2 of 4 page. The system will display the question: "Please select the type of IRS form to file (If Any)". Select "Form 8868 - Extension" from the drop-down menu. and click "Next"
  5. Complete the remaining questions in the Filing Creation Wizard. When you are done with he wizard, the system will take you into the extension form itself.
  6. Enter your information into the 8868 form fields.
  7. Once your data entry is complete, verify the filing and mark it as complete.

Once you mark the Form 8868 as complete it is automatically ready to be transmitted to the IRS. The Extension request does not need to be authenticated (electronically signed) and it does not need a signature form. Your extension will be transmitted to the IRS in the next batch of filings we send (generally within two hours during business hours). Once it has been transmitted and processed by the IRS, you will receive an e-filing receipt from our system indicating whether the IRS accepted the extension or not.

More Information about Form 8868:
  • Your Form 8868 is due the same day your 990 or 990-EZ return would have been due. The request for extension of time must be received by the IRS, when e-filing, by midnight on your due date (our regular office hours are until 5:00pm, Eastern Time.
  • IRS deadlines based on fiscal year can be found here
  • The automatic six-month extension will be granted if you properly complete the form and file it by the due date for the return for which the extension applies.
  • The IRS does not ask for the explanation for filing the automatic extension on the actual Form 8868. You will be given the opportunity to enter details in your return under "Reasonable Cause for Late Filing´┐Ż to explain why and when you filed the Form 8868.
  • The IRS does not need a copy of the 8868 when filing your Form 990/990-EZ, they have a record of the acceptance of your Form 8868 in their system.
  • Our system does not issue reminders for Form 8868 left incomplete in edit mode, so always complete your Form 8868 when first entered. Our system will send you an email notification of e-filing acceptance. This is verification that your Form 8868 was accepted at the IRS.
  • There is no amendment process to correct a filed and accepted Form 8868, you should instead contact the IRS if you need to make changes to your Form 8868 at 877-829-5500, in Ogden, UT.
  • It is not possible to file a Form 8868 after your initial 990/990-EZ due date. We will transmit your form to the IRS but it will be rejected upon receipt. We will then send you a rejection notification by email that the form was filed after its due date.
  • There is no usage fee to file a Form 8868 on our system at Form 990 Online.
  • Only one six-month extension will be allowed per tax year.

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