Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Types of Login IDs

There are two types of login IDs on our system: nonprofit and paid preparer. Each type of Login ID behaves differently.


Nonprofit Login ID: This type of Login ID is used by officers and/or employees of the organization to enter, access, edit, complete, download, print and file filings for the organization. The primary (Admin) user on the account has the ability to add Login IDs for additional users for the organization. Only those users designated as signers will be able to authenticate (electronically sign) the filing online. A filing that is created by a non-profit ID can be completed by any user who has a nonprofit Login ID for the organization, but not by a Paid Preparer (unless tech support changes the custody of the filing to that paid preparer). A nonprofit user should not create or use a Paid Preparer ID on our system. If you have mistakenly created a paid preparer ID for yourself and intended to create a nonprofit ID, please contact to our Tech Support team.

Active nonprofit users can enter, access, edit, download, print, authenticate, and file filings for the organization. They can also mark it as complete unless the filing was created by another user of their organization - not by a paid preparer.


Paid Preparer Login ID: This ID is used by tax professionals or CPAs hired by the organization to prepare filings for their organization. If the paid preparer plans to file Form 990s for the orgnzation, they must have registered with the IRS for a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). A Paid Preparer is approved by the organization to enter a filing in their behalf for a given year. When a Paid Preparer enters a Form 990 filing the Paid Preparers name and PTIN will be included in the signature section information that is sent to the IRS when the filing is electronically filed. If a filing is created by a Paid Preparer Login ID it must be marked as complete by the same Paid Preparer Login ID. The preparer will perform the authentication (electronic signature) process for the filing and will also sign in PART III of the 8453 Signature Form (required for IRS e-filing only). A Paid Preparer Login ID cannot be used to add user additional nonprofit Login IDs for an organization. Some Paid Preparer's also have nonprofit Login IDs on our system in order to help the organization manage their nonprofit Login IDs.

A Paid Preparer can enter filings for multiple organizations using their one Paid Preparer Login ID. Nonprofit users can view and edit the returns created by Paid Preparers using their own Login IDs, but they cannot mark the returns as complete. The nonprofit Login IDs are separate from the paid preparer account. When filing with the IRS, an officer is still required to physically sign the 8453 signature form but that officer does not need to have a non-profit log-in ID on our system because the filing is authenticated (electronically signed) by the Paid Preparer.

Active Paid Preparers: can enter, access, edit, download, print, authenticate, and file filings. They must mark the filing as complete if the filing is under their custody.


Tech support can transfer custody of a filing between a nonprofit Login ID and a Paid Preparer Login ID (or vise-versa) without loosing any of the data that has been entered into a filing. When custody is changed to a Paid Preparer their information will automatically appear in the signature section of the Form 990/9090-EZ filing. When their custody is removed, their information is removed. We can also transfer custody between two paid preparers. If a change of custody is done, any existing non-profit Login IDs will still be able to access the filing, but only the Paid Preparers whose Login ID attached to the filing can access the filing and mark it as complete. If you would like a Paid Preparer�s information to appear inside the return, we must change custody of the return to that paid preparer�s Login ID currently on our system. If you do not want a paid preparer�s information to appear in a return, write to Technical Support, we must first check the type of ID you are currently using and then might change custody from the paid preparer ID to a nonprofit ID.


If you do not have A Login ID in the system, please register on our home page by clicking the large red �Register� button. As you proceed, use the dropdown box to select either �nonprofit� or �paid preparer� type of ID. If you have any issues registering or logging in, please contact our Tech Support Team at [email protected].

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