Participating States
Participating States
The following states are currently active (or in test) in our Online State Registration System

StateSupported FormsState Registration Fees (see below)
Hawaii Hawaii Initial RegistrationNo Fee for HIR
Annual Financial ReportYes: Credit Card Link

MichiganDAG-009-002: Initial QuestionnaireNo Fee
DAG 009-005: Application for License to Solicit Donation
DAG 009-010: Charitable Trust Registration Statement
DAG 009-011: Charitable Trust Inventory

New YorkCHAR500: Annual Filing for Charitable OrganizationsYes: Credit Card Link
o TY 2017 CHAR500 - Supported.
o TY 2018 CHAR500 - Supported.
o TY 2019 (and later) - No Longer Supported. To file, please go to

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State Reg Fee Info:

We do not currently charge any fees for you to use the Online State Registration System. However, most states do have a State Registration fee that they charge you when you file your State Forms. The following describes the methods of payment for the States listed above:

1) Voucher:Once you complete your State Registration Forms, the system will generate a voucher for each state in your filing. If the State(s) in which you are filing require this method of payment, then you must print out the voucher (available from the Filing Status page for your filing), sign it (if necessary) and mail it to the State along with a check for the State Registration Fees.
1) Credit Card Link:Once the State has accepted your State Registration form, they will send us an acknowlegement. We will then email a copy of the acknowlegement to you in your e-filing receipt. In addition to the acknowlegement, the e-filing recipt will contain a link to the State Payment site. Please click the link in the email to pay your State Registration fees using your credit card.

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